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Adam Greene

Adam Greene ©2012 Stacie Birky Greene

Adam Greene is a composer of instrumental works intended to re-explore the nature of engagement between composer and performer. His compositions have been commissioned and presented by performers and institutions committed to the promotion of new and innovative musical experiences, including SONOR, Ensemble Resonanz, the Formalist Quartet, János Négyesy, and Speculum Musicae. His collaborations with adventurous and generous soloists have been vital in forging an approach towards the musical score that places extreme physical and technical demands in a meaningful dramatic and expressive context.

While several of his compositions are extended from concepts where no particular text exists, many works have emerged from an encounter with writings, such as those by Calvino, Beckett, Joyce, and Lewis Carroll. His orchestral work In Winter takes as a point of departure a haiku from Basho. Recently he has been engrossed in Classical texts, which have formed the basis for several ongoing projects. An occasional poet, his own words have found their way into musical projects as well, often as a means of offering an alternate, poetic commentary to musical figures that simultaneously aids and complicates the performer’s interpretation.

Adam Greene’s music has been performed throughout the United States as well as in Europe and Asia. He has participated in several festivals and residency programs that have featured his works, such as UCROSS, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the International Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Darmstadt), the Composers Conference at Wellesley, the Summer Institute for Contemporary Piano Performance (at the New England Conservatory of Music), and the Long Beach Summer Arts program. As a student of Franco Donatoni in the mid-1990’s he was enrolled in courses in composition and contemporary music at the Civica Scuola, Milan. His awards include a commission grant from the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard, as well as prizes from ASCAP, American Composers Forum, and NACUSA. Recordings of his music can be found on Aucourant Records.

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