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Omphalos (1996)
violin solo
Duration: ca. 3’
SMMP No. 110

Premiere performance: Mandeville Recital Hall, University of California, San Diego, February 1996. David Ryther, violin.

This is a brief work, quite intense in its focus on a few unusual gestures. This is something of a transitional work, insofar as it tests "new" approaches while not abandoning some of the tendencies that might have appeared in earlier work (such as "Naiad" for example). Over the years I have composed several brief works, often occasional pieces. Omphalos is the only one that I list in my catalog.

Omphalos: (Greek) 1. navel 2. A mythological stone in the temple of Apollo that was supposed to be the center of the universe. 3. In Joyce's Ulysses: "the new paganism" as invoked by Buck Mulligan.