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    Adam Greene     composer


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Score Samples

Persephoneia page 1 Persephoneia page 4 Persephoneia page 6


bass flute
duration: 7’
SMMP No. 131

6 January 2024, Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, CA. Lisa Cella, bass flute

Program Note
The title of this work refers to the Greek goddess who is both Queen of the underworld and Goddess of spring. This contradictory duality serves as a metaphor for belongingness, or rather the sometimes tenuous nature of belonging. For this project I was struck by the capacity for the bass flute to project ambiguities of registral identity as well as tone quality. This is explored sectionally, though even in passages where materials generally gravitate around registral extremes the sense of resolute orientation is never firmly established. Not only are these moments fraught with doubt, but the sense of impermanence is constant, suggesting that even if a foothold has been placed, the landing will be temporary and the ground will soon shift.

Persephoneia is dedicated with great affection to the flutist Lisa Cella, a longtime friend, a powerful ambassador for new music, and a trusted creative partner.