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    Adam Greene     composer



Adam Greene
Nick Dunston
David Howell
Everything’s Fine
Beth Ratay
Isaac Schankler
What Could That Smell Be?
Erich Barganier
Four is Four
Steven Serpa
Canto del pregonero - 1. Si mi voz muriera
Canto del pregonero - 2. La paloma
Canto del pregonero - 3. Pregón
Eve Joslyn Madalengoitia
hold fast to dreams
Iván Enrique Rodríguez
Ryan Keebaugh all words begin as silence

unaccompanied: Tiny Works for Quarantine, Volume 3

sung by Stephanie Lamprea

This is a collection of short songs for unaccompanied voice, written during the quarantine period of COVID-19. What began as singing one new work for one composer grew very quickly into an ongoing commissioning effort, which is already expanding into multiple volumes. This album is the third volume.

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Christopher Adler
010 Machine States

Adam Greene

Nicolas Tzortzis
Incompatibiles III(B)

Stuart Saunders Smith
Light in Each One

Stuart Saunders Smith

Christopher Burns
Knot Theory

Matthew Burtner
Flute Code


Lisa Cella, Flutes
Stephen Bradley, video
Chen Li Music

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CD/DVD Available Here

Shine, a two disc set, is a unique multimedia collaboration between flautist Lisa Cella and video artist Stephen Bradley. All these brand new compositions were commissioned for this release. Included in the physical release is the CD audio of the performances as well as the DVD of the video collaboration.

The works showcase the expressive qualities of the flute family, spanning Bass to Piccolo. They are varied in style ranging from the relentless layering of rhythms (010 machine states), much like the seemingly chaotic activity of modern life, to an homage of courage and dignity in the face of disaster (Ripples), to a musical representation of mathematical processes (Knot Theory). These collaborations celebrate the beauty of light in the natural world (Shine, Light in Each One) and end with an exuberant recollection of early technology (Flute Code). The composers who are represented on this release are Christopher Adler, Adam Greene, Nicolas Tzortzis, Stuart Saunders Smith, Christopher Burns and Matthew Burtner. 

The video portion for Shine and Light In Each One becomes a critical aesthetic and reference point for the rest of the visuals throughout the music performances. Though each piece is unique, the common thread connects the subtle content and treatment of the video creating a filmic synthesis of image and sound. The content staggers between the conceptual and the actual. Bradley's goal is to create a compelling relationship with the music that does not distract from the power and subtlety of the sound compositions. The listener/viewer of these works may experience a synesthetic immersion in these visual and sonic spaces by perceiving a multidimensional aesthetic.


Hans Otte
Seven Songs

Igor Korneitchouk
Short Circuits

Adam Greene
To Look Within

Nicolas Vérin
Chassé-croisé III

Rick Burkhardt
The Second Order

Richard Carrick

Robert Scott Thompson

Dedications to János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter:
Works for Two Violins

Aucourant Records

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The compositions on this disc...demonstrate an extraordinary diversity – from the contemplative (Otte) to the raucous (Vérin), from the extended techniques of Burkhardt and Korneitchouk to the seamless textures of Thompson, from Carrick’s playfulness to Greene’s somber introspection. In each case János and Päivikki vividly project the characters of these works and communicate the joy and conversational freedom of their collaboration. --Erik Ulman