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About the Classics Series (2020)

In this essay I attempt to summarize and review the influences and strategies taken in a series of compositions composed between 2009-2019, all of which owe a vital inspirational debt to works of Classical literature. The essay discusses the genesis of the project and the philosophical and artistic foundation that developed over the course of the series before moving on to a brief introduction (with musical examples) of each piece.
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Autocritical composition: an emerging method (2007)

For several years I have been moving from a condition where composition has been focused on facilitating my innate musicality towards a situation where the creative act includes running a gauntlet of impediments – hurdles designed to challenge and force me to reconsider the infallibility of materials in order to draw out unexpected dimensions in my music. Like many composers, I am concerned with finding methods of extending and transforming materials that are removed from traditional developmental practices. This concern is born out of a skeptical disregard of my own lyrical tendencies, and a contention that challenge and criticism introduce a productive tension. The most important development of my approach has been to build mechanisms into the editorial process that interrupt, intervene, and subvert linear, developmental tendencies while introducing a broad range of unpredictable compositional choices. Thus, the editorial stage is formalized, and whereas the conventional stance one takes in editing is oriented toward refinement, I look for disruption and discovery. This paper describes editorial processes as I understand them, using examples from my recent compositions to illustrate how they function.
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Roger Tributes

Roger Reynolds is a composer, author, educator, a pioneer in electroacoustic, computer music, realtime spatialization, and intermedia. The subject of numerous essays, dissertations, interviews, and festivals, Reynolds is also a prolific author whose books and articles offer clear and persuasive illustrations of the philosophical, aesthetic, and procedural basis for his music. In his 50 years as a teacher and nearly 60 years as a published composer, Reynolds has established deep and meaningful relationships with colleagues, collaborators, and former students. In this small volume of just over a dozen essays, most of which were written to celebrate Reynolds 80th birthday, the reader is presented with a broad set of interests and observations — some direct, others oblique — that hint at the range of abilities and concerns Reynolds exhibits daily in his many capacities. The respect and affection expressed in these pages is a testament to the lasting influence that Reynolds has had on generations of musicians.

Contributing writers: Steven Schick, Harvey Sollberger, Chou Wen-chung, Thomas DeLio, Chaya Czernowin, Juan Campoverde, Robert Scott Thompson, Chris Chafe, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Marita Bolles, Kerry Hagan, Stacie Birky Greene. Edited by Adam Greene.


The Legacy of the
Grawemeyer Adawrds


Chinary Ung with Adam Greene. “A Journey from Inner Voices to Outer Voices” in The Power of Ideas, Volume III: The University of Louisville Grawemeyer Awards. Ed. Allen E. Dittmer: Butler Books, 2015. 36-43.

Music of Spirit

Singing Inside Aura

by Chinary Ung with Adam Greene

Performance Challenges in the Music of Chinary Ung

by Susan Ung with Adam Greene

In Music of the Spirit: Investigations into Asian-Pacific Musical Identity within the Western Art-Music Tradition. Eds. Michael Atherton and Bruce Crossman NSW: Australian Music Centre, 2008.


BMOP Sound:

Chinary Ung Singing Inside Aura

Liner Notes
Works discussed: Water Rings Overture, Anicca, Antiphonal Spirals, Singing Inside Aura, Grand Spiral: Desert Flowers Bloom


Bridge Records: Chinary Ung Portrait CD Vol. 1

Liner Notes
works discussed Khse Buon, Child Song and Seven Mirrors.

Ung 3

Bridge Records: Luminus Spirals, Chinary Ung Vol. 2

Liner Notes
works discussed ...still life after death, Child Song, and Oracle.

Ung 3

Bridge Records: Chinary Ung Portrait CD Vol. 3

Liner notes
works discussed Spiral XI and Spiral IX.

Ung 4

Bridge Records: Chinary Ung Portrait CD Vol. 4

Liner Notes
works discussed Singing Inside Aura, Spiral XIV, Spiral I, Therigatha Inside Aura, Spiral XII, Heaven and Earth.